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New Dates! Online Trance, Mediumship, & Divination Class

13 Sep
A Hamatsa shaman in a state of trance.

A First Nations Hamatsa medicine person photographed in a trance state.

If you were considering joining the 6-week online webinar series on Trance, Mediumship, & Divination, it’s not too late!

Some late summer technical difficulties and unexpected inquiries about the class resulted in its postponement to its definite new start date of Tuesday, October 6th @ 8:30pm EST (and as the webinars will be recorded, attendance at the live class is not necessary for participation).

However, a number of great things happen from this:

  1. The class completely misses Mercury Retrograde, which can take a toll through unexpected technical and communication mishaps.
  2. The class will take place during the time of year famous for the Veil being thin between our world and the spiritworld (hence holidays like Samhain, All Saint’s Day, and Dia de Los Muertos). It’s the perfect time to deepen skills in psychism and divination.
  3. I got to do a whole episode of On Sacred Ground on cultivating skills in trance and mediumship!

So, the details are as follows (registration ends September 25th):

Tuesdays, October 6th – November 10th, 2015 @ 8:30pm EST
Since ancient times, magicians, diviners, witches, root doctors, and spiritworkers in every culture have been able to skillfully work with non-ordinary states of consciousness – trance states – to receive information, explore different planes of existence, communicate with unseen helping spirits, and re-weave the threads of fate.
This class is especially helpful for:
  • people who are ready to go deeper on their personal healing paths,
  • tarot readers, palm readers, astrologers, and other types of diviners who are ready to sharpen and expand their skills,
  • healers, mediums, spiritworkers, magicians, and root doctors eager to engage their helping spirits and the Spirit world more fully in their practices,
  • and artists, visionaries, and other creatives ready to plumb the depths of their internal landscapes toward inspiration and creative expansion.
In this 6-week immersion, participants will:
  • gain applicable skills in multiple forms of trance including dreaming, mediumship, embodiment, shamanic journeywork, and visualization,
  • deepen intuitive divining skills across multiple platforms,
  • meet and develop relationships with personal helping spirits and learn to interpret their symbolic language,
  • learn how to troubleshoot and resolve energetic patterns in our lives and environments,
  • and explore ways of incorporating skillful trancework into their current spiritual practices.
Classes will be held weekly via online video webinar and outside resources (readings, online videos, etc.) will be provided weekly. There will also be a group forum. As the subject matter is broad and deeply transformative, active participation through completion of weekly homework assignments and regular exercises is expected.
Register early (limited slots available) and register here!