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12-Week Online Trance, Mediumship, & Divination Intensive

17 Jun

Over at Impact Shamanism, Khi is gearing up to teach a 12-week online Trance, Mediumship, & Divination Intensive!

Since ancient times, witches, root doctors, magicians, shamans, diviners, and spiritworkers in every culture have been able to skillfully work with non-ordinary states of consciousness – trance states – to receive information, explore different planes of existence, communicate with unseen helping spirits, and re-weave the threads of fate.

This class is especially helpful for:

  • people who are ready to go deeper on their personal healing paths,
  • tarot readers, palm readers, astrologers, and other types of diviners who are ready to sharpen and expand their skills,
  • witches, healers, mediums, magicians, and root doctors eager to engage their helping spirits and the Spirit world more fully in their practices,
  • and artists, visionaries, and other creatives ready to plumb the depths of their internal landscapes toward inspiration and creative expansion.

In this 12-week intensive, participants will:

  • gain applicable skills in multiple forms of trance including dreaming, mediumship, embodiment, shamanic journeywork, and visualization,
  • deepen intuitive divining skills across multiple platforms,
  • meet and develop relationships with personal helping spirits and learn to interpret their symbolic language,
  • learn how to troubleshoot and resolve energetic patterns in our lives and environments,
  • and explore ways of incorporating skillful trancework into their current spiritual practices.

Classes will be held live via online video conferencing every other Tuesday evening (beginning July 11th @ 8-10pm EST) and outside resources (readings, online videos, etc.) will be provided weekly. As the subject matter is broad and deeply transformative, active participation through daily exercises, completion of weekly homework assignments, and participation in the private Facebook group are strongly encouraged.

Khi Armand, instructor, brings a wealth of knowledge to the course from his background as a professional hoodoo root doctor, Houngan Asogwe in Haitian Vodou, macumbeiro in Brazilian Quimbanda, and spirit-initiated shamanic healer. Holding an MA in Performance Studies from New York University and a BA in Ritual Anthropology from Hampshire College, he is the author of Clearing Spaces: Inspirational Techniques to Heal Your Home and Deliverance: Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing, Healing, and Protection.

Course Fee: $275

(Listen to hear Khi speak on trance and mediumship skills in Episode 24 of On Sacred Ground.)

Register here.

Class size is limited to 20 participants so early registration is encouraged.

What past students have said about this intensive:

“I took Khi Armand’s class on Trance, Mediumship, and Divination and it was one of the most transformational experiences I have had. Khi has a way of meeting you where you are in your journey while at the same time encouraging you to push out of your comfort zone. In the process he inspires confidence in your own abilities and gives you the tools to continue to grow and learn long after he is done teaching you. I highly recommend any time you can spend learning with him.”

“Working with Khi in such an intimate setting invites his magic and helpers to come into your life to assist the process. There is an abundance he extends beyond experience, and the offerings he gives provide pure, transformative energy.”

“You open pathways and show us how to bring the True Hallucinations.”

“I have a greater confidence in my own intuition and ability to interact directly with spiritual beings.”

“I think I would have been even more interested to study with you if I had known the breadth of your studies/worlds because they are deep.”

“I think that is my fave part of your teaching style – you drop pppearrrrlllsss of wisdom that are so exciting, and I write them down with such glee. They just stream out and it’s a joy to be on the receiving end of that.”

“I got so much from participating, from techniques on how to apply discernment to new clearing techniques and accelerated spiritual development. Big. Huge. Steps forward.”


Clearing Spaces, Impact Shamanism, & Greenwood Conjure

13 Jan


So much has changed over the last year and it feels great to finally catch everyone up!

My new book, Clearing Spaces, came out with Sterling Ethos and Architectural Digest published a short editorial on it titled “3 Easy Ways to Give a Room Good Vibes.” The book combines (almost) everything I know about folk magic and shamanic healing for resolving energies in any type of environment and includes a number of recipes, case studies, and a whole chapter on diagnosing spatial concerns.

I closed Conjure in the City in August, 2016 to re-vision my work and where it was heading. Out of that was borne two new practices – Impact Shamanism and Greenwood Conjure (with Paige Zaferiou of Paige Z’s Tarot and Tea, with whom you should book a New Year’s Reading this. very. instant. Grrl is magik).


impactlogoSo what’s Impact Shamanism, you ask?

Impact Shamanism empowers Creatives, Leaders, and Visionaries to make their mark on our world and use their gifts to meet the unique challenges of our time. The Brooklyn-based consulting practice provides restorative solutions and transformative tools to help you be the change you wish to see in the world. (Be sure to join the mailing list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!)

greenwoodconjurelogoGreenwood Conjure is a sacred arts superteam of trained spiritworkers based in Brooklyn, NY.  Through practices grounded in intimacy with helping spirits including allies in the plant, mineral, and animal worlds, we provide tools for spiritual remediation, goal achievement, and living authentically. (Be sure to join our mailing list, like us Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!)

And I got to talk about folk magic and shamanism on Gordon White’s podcast Rune Soup!

So here’s to a new year and new projects. I hope you’ll join me (and Paige Z., of course!).