What Makes People Change?

31 Dec

“My consultation with Khi Armand was an extraordinary and profound experience. He effortlessly, courageously, and powerfully demonstrates the artistry and competency of a highly adept and masterful healer.” – M.B., Portland, OR

As 2015 winds down, we all find ourselves in the age-old position of asking what resolutions we should make this time?

5334c620bfce083a539d8a7cIn our culture, this question is beleaguered by jokes and memes as to how long those resolutions will actually be kept, the joke being that, no matter how well-intentioned or good for us they may be, they won’t last.

From undergrad, through grad school, and right into my practice as a full-time intuitive, the same question has followed me: How do people change?

What makes a person do something different this time, or choose an unexpected route after years of walking in the same lane?

What’s the thing that makes the difference between an old life and a new life?

One of the first things I discovered is that we’re not good at living new lives because, in our death-fearing culture, we’re terribly afraid of letting go of our old ones. Death is a metaphor for all transformations we are called into – all shedding of skin like snakes that is, likewise, completely necessary for our survival – but we are hoarders, dragged kicking and screaming by Life into our abysses as if New Life isn’t promised to us (as it is to all things) on the other side.

On one hand, people change whether they like it or not. But there are those who can accept change, and those who are rarely willing to entertain it.

Another thing I discovered is that behavior is borne from values and values are embodied. It is not enough to think about a thing to make it a part of you. It is not enough to read statistics about how good it is for your body or  the environment. Those things we want to achieve and do need to be embedded within us at a core, unshakeable, experienced, felt, embodied level.


And for most of us, what’s already embedded at that core level is stuff we’ve forgotten that, nonetheless, creates habits in both our thinking and our actions, for better or worse.

But we can choose differently.

One of the gifts of divination is the ability to see our lives and the stories we tell ourselves about our lives from an entirely new perspective. We can see what’s at the root of the experiences we seem to encounter again and again and get clear answers about what’s needed to make the change we’ve been wanting to see.

Shamanic healing offers the power of transformation at a core level in an amazingly short time, providing the possibility of spiritual cleansing, retrieval of soul parts, and clearing of ancestral patterns all in a single session.

Root DoctorThrough this Monday, January 4th, all Intuitive Consultations are 33% off and
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A shamanic healing session can take place within a 60-minute Intuitive Consultation, so choose that if you’re feeling that’s what’s most needed in your life at this time.

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