NYC In-Person Lecture / Workshop: Hoodoo + Conjure 101

30 Nov


Starting Dec. 11th @ 7pm, I’ll be be teaching a series of lectures and workshops on hoodoo, rootwork, and Southern African-American Conjure at Catland Books in Brooklyn, NY!

The description reads: “Hoodoo – also known as “rootwork” and “conjure” – is a tradition of practical magic grounded in the African-American experience of the Southern USA and magical techniques of the Congo.

With a comprehensive materia magica and syncretic practices borrowed from American Indian herbal medicine, Jewish mysticism, Pennsylvania Dutch pow-wow, and East Asian lore, Hoodoo remains the only magical tradition unique to the USA.

So, how does one get their mojo workin’? Did Tommy Johnson really sell his soul to the Devil at the crossroads…and can you? Is your nature tied? Are you sanctified…or did somebody lay tricks in your tracks?

Lecture Fee: $10

This lecture is part one in a series of practical magick lecture-workshops meant to equip the participant with:

:: a history of hoodoo, rootwork, and the tradition of Southern African-American Conjure

:: an understanding of neighboring “New World” traditions and their influence on the folk magick practices of the USA throughout the 20th century

:: a working knowledge of the materia magica of hoodoo – herbs, roots, bones, dirts, colognes, and perfumes – and their application toward crafting effective magical workings, baths, floor washes, incenses, doll-babies, sachet powders, and condition oils

Upcoming Workshops include:
– Protection & Reversing Work
– Hoodoo Your Love: Sex, Romance, & Reconciliation
– Graveyard Work: Conjure with the Dead

…and more!”

You can find details about the event here!

Khi Armand


One Response to “NYC In-Person Lecture / Workshop: Hoodoo + Conjure 101”

  1. lbcamera December 1, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    I would have come in a heartbeat except I won’t be in NY, but I will attend all future lectures!

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