New Page: Psychism, Divination, & Spiritual Mediumship

23 Sep

Aunt Caroline Dye

We’ve been developing a growing library of articles pertaining to different aspects of the hoodoo tradition over at Conjure in the City. Our newest addition has been “Psychism, Divination, & Spiritual Mediumship“!

It’s been a pleasure to be able to provide this information to add to the global understanding of this beautiful lineage of worldviews and practices. So far, we’ve written a general overview the tradition in “What is Hoodoo?” and provided a thorough look at one of the most important tenets of spiritual work – spiritual cleansing – and hoodoo’s take on it in “Spiritual Cleansing & Uncrossing in the Hoodoo Tradition.” It includes some great ideas for developing your own uncrossing regimen as well as a quick look at some spiritual cleansing methods found in Latin American traditions.

Overview articles on love and reconciliation, legal matters, money and success, and others are all forthcoming. We’ll continue to keep you updated!

Khi Armand


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