New Spiritual Readings Available!

19 Sep

The shift that Autumn brings in the Northern Hemisphere is inspiring for spiritual practitioners of all types and I’m no exception to the rule. It’s a witchy season indeed that seems to even affect the quality of our relationships as we yearn to burrow deeper and ensure that our needs are met for the ensuing cold.

It is within this shift that new readings are being made available within the practice of Conjure in the City!

The World - Tarot

First, a new 60-Minute Spiritual Reading & Consultation via Phone option has been added for those who truly favor a voice-to-voice connection. Though our E-mail Readings have been a much-loved hit for their thoroughness and accuracy ever since being introduced, sometimes a longer session is appreciated by our clients and we are glad to accommodate.

Second, new Retainer Readings buttons have been added to our website so that you can easily pre-schedule phone or e-mail readings over a span of three or six months – and save in the process!

Lastly, and most in alignment with the season, a unique Spiritual Court Mediumship Reading offer is being made in accordance with my particular love of illuminating for clients the unique helping spirits that walk with them in this lifetime and the medicine that they bring toward them fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Outer TombThough the helping spirits of ancestral and other dead, angelic entities, animal, plant, and minerals often make their way into general readings as either lifetime allies or potential help in fixing a particular case condition, this option specifically discusses these long-term allies that have agreed to walk with us, bringing their much-needed perspectives (medicine) into our lives. It also reveals ways of interacting with them to bring the fullness of their alliance into the forefront of our life experience.

As with all readings, included are two (2) follow-up e-mails for clarification / advice. It is notable, however, that this reading is performed within a general mediumship / Spiritualist context and is not meant as a substitute for religion-specific spiritual court readings (i.e. – Haitian Vodou, Quimbanda, or other African Diasporic Traditions). So if you’re seeking out who your met tet is, this won’t help you with that, but it may indeed help point you toward energetic streams that are most in alignment with the fulfillment of your destiny.

Happy Autumn,
Khi Armand


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