San Simón Indigenous Spiritual Temple

20 Jul
Felipe Navichoc, El Brindis de Maximón (Celebration of Maximón), 2001

Felipe Navichoc, El Brindis de Maximón                      (Celebration of Maximón), 2001

A long-awaited project has finally been launched in honor of my patron spirit San Simón / Maximón, Guatemalan great-grandfather of great power and wisdom.

San Simón Indigenous Spiritual Temple was launched this year as per San Simón’s request with the mission to:

  • to spread knowledge of the magnificent spiritual entity that is San Simón / Maximón
  • to support the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of those who seek aid from San Simón and our temple
  • to support indigenous and community-based efforts toward justice, sovereignty, and sustainability
  • to support the wellbeing of bearers of indigenous wisdom traditions
  • to further the reclamation of animist worldviews and practices

So far, we’ve compiled prayers, spells, and rituals associated with this “Champion of the Hopeless” from a variety of sources and continue to compile a list of online and hard copy resources related to San Simón, spiritual growth, and community / social wellbeing and justice.

More pages are coming soon on “Indigenous Spirituality” and the blog will continue to be updated as new resources and testimonials are added, relevant articles regarding indigenous spirituality and justice issues around the world surface, and prayers and spells are found and submitted. Your contributions to this ongoing project are greatly appreciated!

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We give gratitude to the Mayan people for their strength, faith, and endurance amidst ongoing struggle, genocide, political oppression, and occupation.

We give thanks to San Simón for his generous spirit of revelry, beauty, virility, abundance, joy, and love.

Praise & Honor to Hermano San Simón!

Rev. Khi Armand in ritual possessory-performance as Hermano San Simón / Maximón

Rev. Khi Armand in ritual possessory-performance as Hermano San Simón / Maximón @ La Mama ETC, NYC


2 Responses to “San Simón Indigenous Spiritual Temple”

  1. Jose Prado August 8, 2013 at 5:22 am #

    Praise Maximon!

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