Hands-On Hoodoo Workshop @ Missionary Independent Festival

30 Jan

worlds-smallest-churchEvery year, the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church hosts a workshop weekend featuring hands-on southern-style hoodoo classes taught by the best in the field, including members of the Association of Independent Readers & Rootworkers. It’s held at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. in Forestville, California and this year’s dates are May 4-5, 2013.

Having attended previous workshop weekends, they are not to be missed! Vibrant and colorful people descend on those gorgeous grounds from all over the world for a weekend of conjure, divination, and potluck yumminess. The workshops are all incredible and you walk away with so much more than just knowledge. It’s a life-changing event.

In addition to providing hands-on cleansing and blessing services this year, I’ll be teaching Contact Conjure: Hands-On Rites & Techniques. Tickets are $35 and the official program reads:

KHI ARMAND demonstrates the time-honored tradition of hands-on cleansing and blessing of a person’s body. Learn old-school conjure methods, including the use of feather whisks to take off messes, asperging and spraying of waters for peace, spiritual foot washing to cleanse away negativity, blessing of the hands, and cleansing of the head. Watch as KHI shares the historical and spiritual significance of these techniques, demonstrates them on willing participants, and teaches you how to perform these works for yourself, your family members, or as a professional root doctor in service to others. ALL MATERIALS SUPPLIED.

TAKE HOME: An instructional flyer, Peace Water, a laundry sprinkler, and a bottle for your own hands-on cleansings.

Best news ever? Registration is open right now.

I can’t wait to see you there!

All the Love,
Khi Armand


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