Court Case Rootwork Testimonial

24 Jan

Hoodoo Court Case TestimonialI just received a testimonial from one of my clients regarding work performed for her son – a man unjustly incarcerated. Check it out!:

“Omg, where do I begin. Khi Armand is so gentle, sincere and friendly, it is impossible not to love him to pieces! Khi did work for my son who is locked up. There was so much red tape and confusion going on with his case that I threw in the towel, but I came across Khi Armand and he divined about the work I needed in my consultation and started to work on the case. Everytime my son would get a date in court, nothing would happen and they wouldn’t even bring him to court. After Khi did the work, my son’s judge was switched to a favorable judge who is fair and had a lot of compassion. But then his judge was changed again to a judge so mean that it was a nightmare.

Yet, after 11 months waiting in custody, he finally got in the courtroom (I wish I had known about Khi much earlier) on December 19 and that mean stern judge smiled at my son on several occasions. I was stunned. The judge stopped everything and said he wanted to sentence my son right now instead of coming back later. And he sentenced him to 5 years probation instead of 49 years in jail! Oh God, Khi really worked this extremely hard case. My son will be getting out soon. He is a good guy and its weird that he was even involved with this mess. Thank you so much Khi! Now my son has a chance at life again because of Khi’s skill and dedication to his rootwork. I’ll always be grateful to Khi as this had taken a very serious toll on me and added to my already weak health. I recommend Khi if you’re in any problem because he really wants to help. If you or someone you know is in trouble, get a consultation with Khi Armand because he absolutely specializes in court cases.” – C.B., NJ

So glad to have been of help to this wonderful client and her family, and she’s right – I do specialize in court cases, and they are some of my favorite to take on. If you or a loved one are involved with the law, book a consultation with me to see what custom spiritual work I can provide to help remediate the situation.

Khi Armand


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